15" SunPaq Retrofit 2x32 Watt

15" SunPaq Retrofit 2x32 Watt

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Product Description

    The Current USA SunPaq compact fluorescent aquarium retrofits are scalable and easy to install in an aquarium canopy. Please visit our Retrofit Lighting Chart to identify the best light for your particular reef aquarium.

Features & Contents

  • Dimensions: (2X) 15" X 4" X 1.5" (there are two reflectors).
  • SunPaq Retrofit
  • One 32 Watt Dual Actinic (half 420nm Actinic/ half 460nm Actinic) and one 32 Watt Dual Daylight (half 10K/ half 6700K) lamp.
  • Remote electronic ballast.
  • Patented end-cap locking system.
  • Parabolic aluminum reflectors.
  • Two on/off switches.
  • No wiring necessary.
    Recommended Accessories:
  • To keep the light cycle consistent, we highly recommend using a timer. To achieve the dawn/dusk effect we recommend the Coralife Aqualight Power Center Timer.
    Replacement Parts:
  • We carry all the replacement lamps and most replacement parts for the Current USA SunPaq retrofit.