24" 24 Watt HO T-5 75/25 14K Lamp

24" 24 Watt HO T-5 75/25 14K Lamp

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Product Description

    URI 24" 75/25 V-HO T5 Replacement Lamps are 24 watts with an HO ballast and 40 watts with an IceCap ballast. They are described as V-HO bulbs instead of VHO or HO bulbs because they can potentially be either HO or VHO.

Features & Contents

  • 14K
  • Utilize a proprietary blend of unique phosphors exclusive only to UVL (URI).
  • Dual coated phosphor and long mounted filaments to achieve long life
  • No color shift
  • Actual length from pin to pin: 22"