24" 2x65 Watt Coralife Aqualite

24" 2x65 Watt Coralife Aqualite

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Product Description

    The Coralife Aqualight 24 inch Dual Linear Strip Compact Fluorescent Fixture is for reef aquariums. Please visit our Lighting Chart page to identify the best light for your particular reef aquarium.

Features & Contents

  • Dimensions: 24" X 7.25" X 2.5" without mounting legs.
  • NOTE: Do not put this light in a canopy.
  • If you have a canopy you'll need a retrofit light.
  • One 65 watt Actinic and one 65 watt 10K compact fluorescent lamp.
  • Easily removable acrylic lens cover.
  • Two cooling fans.
  • Highly polished reflector
    Recommended Accessories:
  • Clear Mounting Legs or Adjustable Mounting Legs for Coralife Aqualight Fixtures.
  • To keep the light cycle consistent, we highly recommend using a timer.
    Replacement Parts:
  • We carry all the replacement lamps and most replacement parts for the Coralife Aqualight fixtures