25 GPD Membrane (Batch Tested) W/ Restrictor

25 GPD Membrane (Batch Tested) W/ Restrictor

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Product Description

    SpectraPure 25 GPD Membrane with Flow Restrictor

Features & Contents

  • Comes with a 25 GPD flow restrictor. Can be used with any RO system with any GPD rating.
  • Just change out the old flow restrictor for the one that comes with this 25 GPD Membrane.
  • These membranes are standard equipment in our SP, CHP, MPRO, MPDI RO/DI, and the MPDW Drinking Water Systems.
  • The Standard Membrane is also available as a replacement option for most competitors' reverse osmosis systems.
  • 2" x 12".
  • 2" x 12"