36" 1x250W 10K     MH/PC Retrofit

36" 1x250W 10K MH/PC Retrofit

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Product Description

    Hamilton Technology Metal Halide Lighting Retrofits are for reef aquariums. Retrofits are lighting systems made for installation into existing aquarium canopies. Please visit our Retrofit Lighting Chart page to identify the best light for your particular reef aquarium. A lens must be placed between the retrofit system and the tank to prevent water from splashing on the lamps and cooling fans must be installed in the canopy to keep the bulbs cool (and limit heat added to the tank).
  • One 250 watt 10K mogul base metal halide bulb.
  • Two 96 watt compact fluorescent actinic bulbs.
  • Dimensions: 36" x 9" x 5".
  • Polished aluminum reflector.
  • Remote metal halide ballast with 10 foot cable and quick disconnects.
    Recommended Accessories:
  • To keep the light cycle consistent, we highly recommend using a timer.
  • To achieve the dawn/dusk effect we recommend the Coralife Aqualight Power Center Timer.
    Replacement Parts:
  • We carry all the compact fluorescent replacement lamps (we recommend the Current USA lamps for Hamilton Fixtures), metal halide replacement lamps and many of the replacement parts.