40 Watt UV Quartz Rainbow Lifeguard

40 Watt UV Quartz Rainbow Lifeguard

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Product Description

    The Pentair Aquatics Lifegard QL-Series 40 Watt UV Sterilizer is for aquariums up to 300 gallons.Pentair Aquatics Lifegard ultraviolet sterilizers produce UV light at 2537 angstroms, exerting a lethal effect on the unwanted, disease causing micro-organisms. Pentair Aquatics UV sterilizers, when used properly, are extremely beneficial in destroying disease causing pathogens, harmful bacteria, mold spores, yeast, virus, protozoa, fungi as well as algae.Pentair Aquatics UV Sterilizers use pure hard quartz material in their bulbs, which dramatically increases the UV output as compared to other conventional bulbs of equal wattage. Pure quartz material resists solarization and improves the longevity of the UV bulb. The unique test tube like pure quartz sleeve isolates the bulb from water contact, providing an optimal bulb operating temperature of 100 F (38 C). This optimal bulb temperature results in a 35% higher UV output over conventional units without sleeves.

Features & Contents

  • 40 Watt UV lamp.
  • In line.
  • Connections: 1-1/4" slip inlet, 1" slip outlet.
  • Requires a pump with a flow rate less than 240 gph.
  • Dimensions: 34.5" X 7.5" X 7".
  • Pentair Aquatics Lifegard Horizontal Mounting Bracket Kit.
  • Pentair Aquatics Lifegard Raintight Kit, Ballast Enclosure and Coupling.
  • 34.5" X 7.5" X 7"