.5 Micron Carbon Block Cartridge

.5 Micron Carbon Block Cartridge

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Product Description

    The SpectraPure Carbon Block Filters remove chlorine, organic chemicals and chemicals that contribute to taste and odor. These filters act as near absolute-rated sediment filters. They are much more efficient than the granulated carbon filters because there is no channeling or bypassing of fluids. They also have a higher adsorptive efficiency and higher turbidity reduction than granular filters.

Features & Contents

  • SpectraPure Model CF-0.5 -10.
  • Removes chlorine, organics, taste and odor.
  • Dual-purpose - combination sediment and carbon filter.
  • Excellent service life.
  • No channeling or bypassing of fluids.
  • Only the 0.5 micron carbon block filter removes trihalomethanes, low levels of chloramine, pesticides, volatile organic chemicals and 99.95% of giardia and cryptosporidium cysts.
  • Meets the NSF Standards.