50 gallon Red Sea Salt

50 gallon Red Sea Salt

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Product Description

    Red Sea offers a premium sea salt mixture based on natural sea salt harvested from the waters of the exotic Red Sea by solar evaporation techniques. Red Sea Salt is enriched with other refined minerals to faithfully replicate natural seawater for your aquarium.

Features & Contents

  • Suitable for marine fish and invertebrates from every sea and ocean Reaches a stable, natural pH shortly after mixing. No nitrates or phosphates.
  • Produced by a small batch process to ensure homogeneity of salt mixture.
  • Every batch is biologically and chemically tested for quality control. Suitable for a small water change or a complete new aquarium set-up.
  • Can be mixed to any desired salinity.
  • 14 pounds.
  • Produces 50 gallons of saltwater.