Bioorb Intelligent Led Light

Bioorb Intelligent Led Light

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Product Description

    Complete biOrb LED Light Kit for the biUbe, and 8 gallon and 16 gallon biOrbs.

Features & Contents

  • 2 x Daylight LEDs. 1 X Moonlight LED.
  • The built in timer automatically simulates a natural light cycle in your aquarium.
  • Six timer options to choose from. The default timer option is as follows. The single LED blue moonlight will fade into the two daylight LEDs over a one hour period. After eight hours of daylight it will then fade back into the moonlight over a 1 hour period. Then, for 14 hours only the moonlight will shine. LEDs will last for years.
  • Do not need to be replaced like halogen, incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.
  • Very safe. 12 volts.