CO2 Green NRG Exclusive

CO2 Green NRG Exclusive

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Product Description

    The Hydor aquarium CO2 systems are the easiest to to set up and easiest to maintain CO2 systems on the market. Everything is included in the package--even a fully pressurized CO2 cartridge.

Features & Contents

  • A complete CO2 system for aquariums up to 79 gallons
  • Turbo diffuser: Increases CO2 efficiency by 40% (compared to a normal CO2 diffuser)
  • Longlasting: Each cartridge lasts 260 days at 4 bubbles a minute.
  • Simple and safe: Autoregulating pressure reducer with precision valve
  • Maximum efficiency: Results visible in 2 weeks
  • Perfect control: Special glass bubble counter for perfect visibility, regulation and control
  • Super-safe disposable charge