Fluval Lab Series Opti-Carb

Fluval Lab Series Opti-Carb

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Product Description

    Opti-Carb's mixture of ion-exchange and synthetic organic removal resins, and research grade carbon combine to create a powerful adsorbent water polishing media. Rapid reduction of dissolved organic matter, removal of proteins before they break down into toxic compounds, elimination of odors and discolorations can all be accomplished with Opti-Carb.

Features & Contents

  • Fluval A-1504
  • Use as an everyday filter media or for removal of specific toxic metals and organic compounds
  • Does not affect pH, KH and general hardness
  • Treats up to 50 U.S. gallons. For larger tanks use multiple bags.
  • Formulated for reef aquariums. Also for freshwater and saltwater fish-only aquariums