Fluval Lab Series Phosphate Remover

Fluval Lab Series Phosphate Remover

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Product Description

    Fluval Lab Series Phosphate Remover rapidly adsorbs large quantities of phosphate, silicate and dissolved organics without leaching adsorbed substances. Maintaining low levels of phosphate will result in cleaner, healthier aquarium water while allowing corals to efficiently absorb the calcium they require to grow and reproduce.

Features & Contents

  • Fluval A-1500
  • Phosphate Remover contains ferric oxide, an iron-based phosphate binder ideal for use in aquarium filters
  • 150 grams removes up to 20 mg/L (ppm) of phosphate in a 50 U.S. gallon aquarium
  • For freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Will not affect pH or hardness