FragPod   12 Pack

FragPod 12 Pack

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    Includes seven FragPod I and five FragPod II.FragPod's are the easiest way to grow out coral cuttings and frags. Each package has seven FragPod I and five FragPod II. The FragPod I is a round bowl that provides the right depth to glue on a SPS or stony coral, and allows it to have room for the base to grow. The FragPod II is a larger disc that has four holes around the edge, and is designed for polyps, mushrooms and corals that like to grow horizontal. Both FragPods are designed to fit onto standard 1/2" x 1/2" egg crate (also available on this page). This makes fragging your corals much easier by keeping the glued coral still. Once the coral is attached, you can have a frag garden in your tank. Having all of your frags together, you can make sure they are all attaching and growing. Once the coral has a good base, you can place the coral in its permanent location or keep it on the egg crate for trading and selling.FragPods are manufactured in the U.S.A. with PVC, using an injection mold and colored dark gray. They will not leach anything into the aquarium water. Just rinse them with freshwater and glue on the coral cuttings. They will quickly be covered with coralline algae and coral growth.The steps in using FragPods are very easy and strait forward.1. Cut coral2. Glue cutting onto FragPod3. Place FragPod onto FragGrid4. Watch coral growThe FragGrids can be placed directly on the bottom of your reef aquarium, or by using one FragPod I upside down on each corner, the FragGrids will sit just off of the bottom of your tank. One other option is to lean the FragGrid against your live rock.