Hydor Hydrokabel Cable Heater   50 Watt

Hydor Hydrokabel Cable Heater 50 Watt

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Product Description

    The Hydor Hydrokable Heating Cable is a versatile terrarium and aquarium substrate heater. Ideal for use completely submerged or in a dry habitat, the Hydrokable provides regular and even heating throughout the substrate media. In the aquarium, the warmed water creates a slow water circulation effect throughout the media, which is beneficial to many varieties of live aquatic plants and other aquarium inhabitants.

Features & Contents

  • The Hydrokable is best used with the Hydor Hydroset Electronic Thermostat for precise temperature control (unfortunately, we no longer carry this product). Use of the Hydroset allows the Hydrokable to be used to stimulate specific plant growth cycles as well as to meet specific reptile heating requirements.
  • Cable produced in silicone with double insulation.
  • Exceptional thickness, 0.2" diameter.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 2-year from date of purchase.
  • Total safety.