Iron & Manganese 16 Oz. Kent Marine

Iron & Manganese 16 Oz. Kent Marine

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Product Description

    Kent Marine Super Chelated Iron (Macro-Algae Supplement with Manganese for Reef Type Marine Aquariums) provides bio-available iron to all reef inhabitants. Super Chelated Iron supplies needed iron, manganese, potassium and minor trace minerals for proper growth and health of caulerpa, coralline, and other calcareous marine algae, and those invertebrates which have symbiotic algae living in their tissues. It contains a chelated form of iron which will stay available in the system for long periods of time, supplying algae in a timed release fashion, as needed.

Features & Contents

  • Although present in salt mixes, iron is rapidly used up in the system, and removed through precipitation
  • It contains no fertilizers which can spur unwanted hair algae or other undesirable growths