Lugol's Solution Iodine 1 Oz.

Lugol's Solution Iodine 1 Oz.

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Product Description

    Kent Marine Lugol's Solution provides a strong source of free iodine and iodide to reef inhabitants and macroalgae. Although it's very effective when used with stony corals, systems containing xenia and soft corals benefit the most from the use of Lugol's Solution.

Features & Contents

  • Used as a dip for stony and soft or leather corals, Lugol's will help rid the animals of unwanted parasites and harmful bacterial.
  • This product helps foster improved coloration and prevents bleaching of all corals due to changes in light intensity, and enhances coral polyp expansion.
  • Kent Lugol's Solution provides a key nutrient for marine invertebrates and fishes, and contains no phosphate, nitrate, gluconate, or other sugars.