Marine Conversion Kit (2)

Marine Conversion Kit (2)

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Product Description

    The latest innovation from Reef One is a ‘one box solution’ that eliminates the complexity and finally makes marine fish keeping easy. The Marine Conversion Kit is an exciting entry into the fascinating world of marine fishkeeping.

Features & Contents

  • Converts any biOrb or biUbe into a marine aquarium.
  • Everything required is included in the box (just add fish and water).
  • Easiest step-by-step kit for setting up a marine aquarium.
  • No additional equipment or chemicals required.
  • Keep a variety of colourful small marine fish and cleanup crew.
  • Unique marine cartridge system keeps maintenance simple.
  • 4x unique porous modular artificial live rock.
  • Premeasured reef salt packs for easy setup.
  • Unique marine cartridge - Improve water quality and simplify maintenance.
  • 2x Medium Easy-plants.
  • Calibrated Hydrometer/thermometer.
  • Halogen Light Gasket.
  • Water level measure - to simplify setup.
  • 1x bottle of Instant aquarium 2 (Beneficial Bacteria Booster).
  • Water conditioners.
  • High quality Marine fish pellet food sample pack.
  • Step-by-Step setup guide.
  • Water Testing Card/Guide .