MaxCap DI Cartridge

MaxCap DI Cartridge

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Product Description

    SpectraPure's MAXCAP Deionization (DI) Replacement Cartridge has over three times the contaminate removal capacity as in previous designs.

Features & Contents

  • NOTE: This MaxCap Deionization (DI) cartridge must be used prior to to another mixed bed DI cartridge or SilicaBuster DI cartridge.
  • It can not be used by itself. 3.5 times the capacity of conventional Mixed-Bed and Hi-Silica removal cartridges. SpectraPure Model DI-MC-10.
  • Designed to be used in front of a Mixed-Bed or SilicaBuster DI cartridge. Removes all ionized impurities.
  • Aluminized packaging eliminates resin degradation.
  • Lower your DI production costs by over half. 2.5" x 10".