Seio Pump Controller

Seio Pump Controller

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Product Description

    Rio Seio Super Flow Powerhead Electronic Controller is intended for use with only SEIO water pump models: 1100, 1500, and 2600. THE SEIO CONTROLLER WILL NOT WORK WITH ANY OTHER TYPE OF PUMP.

Features & Contents

  • The controller will control one or two SEIO Super Flow Water Pumps. The pumps can be set to go from low to high; this surge can be set from 15 seconds to 30 minutes. The pumps on low operate at approximately 50% flow and then will ramp up to 100% when on high. There are also two preset feeding buttons at 8 minutes and 16 minutes. Once the time has elapsed the unit will go back to the original preset.
  • 8.5" X 2.75" X 6.5"
  • Replaceable 2.5 amp/250v fuse