Submariner UV-C 9 Watt Unit

Submariner UV-C 9 Watt Unit

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Product Description

    The JBJ SUBMariner 9 Watt UV Sterilizer is a fully submersible uv sterilizer w/ a built-in pump that uses a 9 Watt compact fluorescent lamp to eradicate harmful micro-organisms and unattractive green free-floating algae in fresh and saltwater aquariums. The SUBMariner can be placed either vertically in the main body of the aquarium or positioned horizontally in a sump for a clutter free set-up.

Features & Contents

  • Pre-installed 9 Watt UV-C compact fluorescent lamp
  • For tanks up to 100 gallons
  • Integrated 211 gph pump
  • Swivel spout nozzle return
  • Dimensions: 12" X 3.9" X 3.5"
  • Integrated UV ballast
  • Pre-filter sponge
  • Single power cord
  • Venturi inlet
  • No tubes or connection fittings necessary. This is a plug-n-play UV Sterilizer.